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Sticker Lite is a freeware desktop sticky note utility
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Sticker Lite is a freeware desktop sticky note utility. With this utility you can replace your century old trend or method of paper sticky notes and it’s a digital age n so you should follow the current paperless trend of digital sticky notes. It will also help us to save some trees. I hope so. Well, this sticky notes style is more advanced and has some brilliant features which make its worth. Sticker lite is very easy to use but its advantage over paper sticky notes is its support for LAN and Internet. You can easily create and send the sticky notes to your friends over LAN and internet, and the notes will appear on your friend’s desktop just like on yours computer desktop. Colorful interface of sticky notes makes it further impressive and you have full flexibility to change colors, background color, fonts, size, priority, transparency, auto lock and style etc. of title, body and notes. Sticker Lite have an automatic save option n so it automatically save your all notes in real time as you make any modification. As you can send notes to your friends over LAN or internet so that your friends also required Sticker lite utility to receive Sticky notes but if they don’t have sticker lite installed then they still get the message via Net Send utility.

Manoj Goel
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  • Freeware
  • Facility to decorate sticky notes with colors and fonts
  • Facility to auto lock the sticky notes
  • Provide AES 256 bit encryption
  • Facility to send sticky notes over LAN and Internet


  • No facility to attach images
  • No facility to add voice
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